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Our Tailored Modules for common Business Needs

Data Infrastructure & Analytics Launcher

Image by Carlos Muza
Data Infrastructure & Analytics Launcher

12-Week Start to Finish Setup

Quick, Efficient and Scalable data infrastructure processes for small to medium sized companies.

Ideal for complete or partial data migration from physical servers to the Cloud.

Standard Business KPI Analytics.

  • Tool Stack Recommendations

  • Infrastructure Setup

  • Data Centralization & Modelling

  • Automated Dashboards for your key KPIs

Customer Retention & Segmentation Tool

Image by John Schnobrich
Customer Retention & Segmentation Tool

16-Week Start to Finish Setup

Personalize your sales channels to create the best user experience in order to boost customer retention. Based on your business needs, we help you segment customers into cohorts and groups

  • Model customer segmentation algorithms

  • Use data to unleash the full value of your products

  • Define and model KPIs throughout the customer journey

e-Commerce Launcher

Image by Igor Miske
e-Commerce Launcher

8-Week Start to Finish Setup

Centralize and merge all your sales from different online and offline platforms. Get visibility over sales, costs, and actionable insights to optimize growth for your business

  • Centralize all sale channels

  • Automated dashboards on sales, profit margins,  costs etc.

  • LTV-driven marketing optimization

  • Analytics on customer feedback & returns

Artificial Intelligence/ Natural Language Processing TOOL

Image by Luca Bravo
Artificial Intelligence/ Natural Language Processing Tool

26-Week Start to Finish Setup

Turn large volume of data (databases, photos, text etc.) into qualitative insights on customer experience and competitor intelligence. 

  • Set up & use your data to predict customer behavior

  • Derive competitor insights from public reviews & web scraping

  • Productionize NLP models and merge with other data sources

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